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As an investor who has spent years navigating the many ups and downs of the stock market, I understand the challenges that come with trying to build and preserve wealth through investments. It’s a journey filled with uncertainty, where every decision carries potential consequences for your financial future.

That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to Wayman Value Investing - a carefully curated source of investment insights, stock picks, and analysis that will empower you to take control of your financial destiny.

At Wayman, my mission is to find the best deals the market has to offer and present them as actionable ideas to my subscribers. Wayman offers access to meticulously researched stock picks and a portfolio crafted by a seasoned value investor who is dedicated to uncovering hidden gems in the market - stocks that are poised to thrive over the long term.

My goal is to empower investors like you with the tools, knowledge, and insights to succeed in the market. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting your journey, let Wayman be your guide on the path to peak value.

About Wayman - Have an Experienced Investor on Your Side

“All the returns in life, whether in wealth, relationships, or knowledge, come from compound interest.” – Naval Ravikant, entrepreneur and investor.

Your Trusted Guide to Value Investing: Frank Memcaj (Follow me on Twitter and YouTube)

With over 20 years of self-directed value investing experience, I’ve developed successful strategies to achieve consistent returns. I have worked in the finance industry across every area: capital markets, risk management, mortgage-backed securities, commercial lending, credit policy, and more. I am also an active small business investor across multiple industries.

Motivated by the success of other value investors, my early goal was to attempt to achieve similar results. With the guidance of Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, and Howard Marks, I developed my own method for value investing that would give me the opportunity to achieve consistent returns. I’ve always enjoyed learning the ins and outs of a company, finding the best ones to buy, and sharing my picks with friends.

Inspired by Naval Ravikant to share my expertise with a larger audience, the idea of Wayman Value Investing was born. 

I noticed from following successful investors that the way to beat the market is to invest in under-appreciated companies that are trading at prices well below their true value. Thousands of companies are always for sale, and Wayman’s refined and disciplined research methods identify the best deals.  

Let Wayman be your guide to value investing. At Wayman, my mission is to provide quality investment research and guidance for self-directed investors. Years of trustworthy, original research are available to give you the confidence to manage your portfolio.

Let’s Journey Together!

Our Process - Unlocking Value with Our Unique Discounting Method

While some investors might rely on market catalysts when considering what new positions to take, Wayman considers its style to be “catalyst-free investing.” Our reason for purchasing will always be based on our calculations which show a business is worth far more than where the market is pricing it.

For a slightly deeper look into our valuation process, we start by estimating an organization’s future cash flows. Those estimates are then run through Wayman’s proprietary discounted future cash flow model. We use a non-standard “risk-free rate” that purposely assigns a more conservative value on the business. Our unique discounting method has been validated by numerous private equity and larger company buyouts.

Wayman’s portfolio has taken hold of numerous privatization opportunities firsthand:

MIK: In 2021, PE firm Apollo Global Management bought The Michaels Companies (MIK) for about $5 billion. Wayman opened a position with MIK in March 2021 and sold one month later upon news of the buyout, incurring a 24% return.

STMP: In 2021, PE firm Thoma Bravo bought Stamps.com (STMP) for about $6.6 billion. Wayman opened a position with STMP in May 2021 and sold two months later upon news of the buyout, enjoying a 67% return.

IRBT: In 2022, Amazon bought iRobot (IRBT) for about $1.7 billion. Wayman opened a position with IRBT in January 2022 and sold the following August with a 13% gain on our cost basis.

VMW: In 2022, Broadcom announced it would buy VMWare (VMW) for a massive $69 billion. Wayman opened a position with VMW in March 2021 and sold two years later with a 13% return.

The Wayman process involves several ongoing tasks. This includes searching for and researching new investment ideas, revaluing existing positions, making adjustments to our model portfolio, and issuing our newsletter to subscribers. When evaluating and valuing a new company, we use both qualitative and quantitative analysis points. Existing positions and watchlists are reevaluated and revalued monthly, and all stocks are separated into tiers based on their spread between market value and Wayman’s calculated value. The continuous revaluation process provides peace of mind and allows for capturing maximum upside while limiting loss potential.

Why Value? - An Unwavering Focus on the Long Term

Value investing, to me, is not just a strategy; it’s a philosophy, a way of approaching the world of investing. It’s rooted in a fundamental belief that markets are not always rational and that opportunities to buy assets at a discount to their intrinsic value exist if you’re patient and diligent.

My love for value investing lies in its unwavering focus on the long term. It’s about having the conviction to buy when others are fearful and sell when others are greedy. It’s a disciplined approach that looks beyond short-term market noise and strives to identify the underlying worth of an investment.

The beauty of value investing is in its simplicity. It doesn’t require complex mathematical models or the ability to predict short-term market movements. Instead, it relies on time-tested principles like margin of safety, sound financial analysis, and a contrarian mindset.

One of the key benefits of value investing is risk management. By buying assets with a margin of safety, you inherently protect yourself from significant downside risk. It’s a way of building a robust portfolio that can weather market turbulence and economic uncertainties.

But perhaps the greatest advantage of value investing is the potential for outsized returns. When you buy assets below their intrinsic value, you create the opportunity for value realization over time. It’s a strategy that’s delivered consistent results for many investors, including myself.

Value investing is not without its challenges, of course. It requires discipline, patience, and the ability to go against the crowd. But for those who embrace its principles, it offers the chance to achieve financial success and build lasting wealth.

In essence, value investing is not just a strategy; it’s a way of life. It’s about approaching the world of investing with a discerning eye, a contrarian spirit, and an unwavering commitment to long-term value. It’s an approach that I’ve dedicated myself to, and I believe in its power to create opportunities, manage risk, and ultimately, secure financial freedom.

Recent Success - Scaling the Peaks

Best stocks of 2023: Full year performance of 2023 portfolio holdings (our goal is to highlight what led the way for us, but stress why these names may change and why it’s important to diversify and look for new opportunities; 2024 may look a lot different and past performance does not reflect the future):

Up at least 100%

META (194%), BLDR (157%), TOL (106%)

Up at least 90%


Up at least 70%


Up at least 60%


Up at least 50%


Your Trusted Guide - Credibility Through Accountability

The Wayman portfolio is tracked and audited by Hulbert Ratings, which has been rigorously tracking the real-world performance of investment advisory newsletters for over 40 years. You can follow our performance here.

Riding Shotgun - Our Success is Aligned

Every stock recommendation I make is backed by more than just research and analysis. I personally own every stock I recommend. What does this mean for you? It means that my financial success is directly tied to yours. We’re on this journey together, and I’m invested - literally - in your success.

Our Success Is Aligned: When you profit, I profit. When you face challenges, I face them too. I understand the gravity of my recommendations, and I take that responsibility seriously. Our shared commitment to value investing ensures that we’re both focused on the long game - the kind of game that builds lasting wealth.

Experience Matters: With 20+ years of experience navigating the tumultuous waters of the stock market, I’m not just an advisor; I’m an experienced investor riding shotgun with you. I’ve weathered market storms, seized opportunities, and learned invaluable lessons along the way. Now, I’m here to share that wisdom with you, providing the guidance you need to make informed decisions. Together, we’ll navigate the market and secure our financial future.

Invest Wisely - A Wealth of Benefits Await You


GUIDANCE from an experienced investor

SAVE TIME while maintaining control over your investments

FREEDOM to buy what you want

TIMELY INVESTMENT IDEAS, portfolio updates, and sell signals

GET PAID WHILE YOU WAIT. Over 70% of portfolio stocks pay a dividend

THOROUGH RESEARCH and analysis of both qualitative and quantitative factors

UNIQUE DISCOUNTING METHOD that provides a margin of safety, and identifies the best deals the market has to offer

SEPARATION OF STOCKS INTO TIERS based on their spread between market values and our target prices allows for capturing maximum upside through wise allocation decisions

REVALUATION of existing positions and watchlists provides peace of mind and limits potential for losses

LONG-TERM VALUE INVESTING STRATEGY with a focus on harvesting market beating returns

JOIN A COMMUNITY OF INVESTORS on a journey to peak value

What to Expect - Your Roadmap to Wealth

Exclusive Stock Picks and Analysis: Receive handpicked stock recommendations that represent the best deals the market has to offer. These are the hidden gems that offer significant upside. Based on my valuation, now is the perfect time to capitalize on their undervalued status and seize the potential to multiply your wealth over time. (Expect about 10-15 new recommendations per year. Due to our quantitative-focused evaluation methods, stock write-ups will be concise.)

Portfolio Insights: Get an exclusive look into my personal investment portfolio. Discover which stocks I’m holding, why I chose them, and how I manage risk to ensure long-term success. (Updated portfolio will be posted monthly. Expect at least 50 holdings)

Market Insights: Understand the broader economic landscape and how it may impact your investments. (Market commentary will be posted periodically based on what is noteworthy and interesting)

Start Your Journey - Get Exclusive Access to Value Investing Insights

I believe that value investing is a powerful tool that anyone can use to achieve their financial goals, and I’m committed to helping you get there. Ready to take control of your investments and maximize your returns? Unlock the power of value investing and build your wealth with Wayman.

I look forward to having you join our community and helping you achieve success in the market.

To your bountiful prosperity,

Frank Memcaj | Founder and Chief Bargain Hunter | Wayman Value Investing

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